Moontoon is a producer of mobile games whose best work is the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This fantastic battle game is almost the same as the popular Dota 2. It is a game from the MOBA genre that is something like RTS. The player’s goal is to use the army to defeat the enemy. Rating 4.5 out of 5 and over 50 million downloads proves the quality of the game and I will not exaggerate, claiming that it is currently the best mobile game on the market.

Familiar Control system
Character controls are standard. Using the joystick on the left side of the screen we move with the character while the one on the right is used to perform actions. Thanks to AI, even when we disconnect, the system takes control over of character, which means that we will not lose everything. And when we resume the connection, we will take control of our character.

Mobile Legends Game

What’s going on in the game?
Playing in Mobile Legends we face the enemy and his army. Due to the fact that the battles last no longer than 10 minutes, the most important thing is to apply the right strategy. The battlefield is an arena where 10 fighters meet, 5 from each team. The right tactics and cooperation between each other will allow you to achieve success. The mechanics of the game are very simple especially for people who have already played games like Dota or LOL. And the characters we choose to fight are often twin similar to those from the above games. Being the best in the team, we can get the MVP title. When the battle is over, you’ll see a summary of the battle consisting of statistics for all players.


The game is very addictive, which is not surprising that it has gained popularity in most countries around the world. What distinguishes it is great gameplay and very good graphics for mobile games. There are various discussion forums for fans of the game, and for those who want to use 100% of the game without spending real money, there are different hack codes and generators. If we were to provide our ranking of mobile games then mobile legends would certainly be in Top 3